If you don’t read this, you are dead to me; or worse, I’ll remove you from my Facebook friends—but I’ll probably keep you on Instagram and Twitter…

…I am Raj. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter. Continue reading…

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition for “privacy” is: the quality or state of being apart from company or observation.

The presence of our online social media profiles—Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pornhub (no judgement)—is contrary to the dictionary definition, as, unfortunately—although profiles can be logged out of—they cannot be completely shut down without permanently deleting them. At any time, any of our friends online (and if “privacy” settings allow it, anyone online) can view our media and personal information.

Sure, you, yourself, in physical form, may have the quality or be in a state where you are apart from others or observation, but online profiles are constantly viewed. Constantly viewed and shared with any 3rd party the viewer sees fit to share your information with.

Changing privacy settings to the most private is like locking all the house doors, but leaving a window open. The window may take time to find and get into, but it is there for whoever is looking for it. Privacy settings cannot prevent media from being shared by others—familiar and unfamiliar—who choose to re-post your posts, post media with you in it without your permission, hack your account, or share your media with anyone in their presence while viewing it.

True, social media is intended for sharing, and most people understand they may lose some privacy when involving themselves in it, so this may sound like nonsense; however, many people choose to update their status to angrily rant about a boss or workplace, which may lead to the boss finding out. Others send lascivious pictures, which may fall into untrustworthy hands. Some post hateful, bigoted media, then interact with the same people they were posting about during their “real” lives.

We haven’t yet touched on techniques marketing firms and advertisers use to construct advertisements that are intended specifically for us. Maybe another time.

Speaking of time, yours is important, so I’ll leave you with these words to live your online life by: don’t post anything you don’t want the everyone in the world to see. And by everyone in the world, please, do think of everyone in the world (significant others). It’s one of the ways I stopped posting videos of myself contemplating life for a half hour while sitting on the toilet every other day!




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