Websites, Come on, We can do better.


Websites are crucial if you’re a business owner, a public figure, or if you want people to just learn about you online. To have a successful website (in my non-professional but by-stander opinion) there are a few things you need to have to actually make it affective.

  1. An eye-catching front page

Okay, this one shouldn’t be very hard to accomplish, all you have to do is show your personality and have something more than blank white page with limited information. Also not just eye catching but an informative and easy to navigate front page is essential to having a good website. If your website is A) Bland B) Confusing and C) lacking information it’s not going to be popular or useful amongst your readers and cliental.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 6.14.18 PM.png

This quick look at Oprah’s home page right away tells you A) Nothing about the site and B) That it is the most boring opening page I’ve ever seen. To me, it looks like that one page that  accidently opens after you click a link that you never meant to hit. No information, only un-important ads, and no colours or pictures or anything remotely eye catching.

  1. Correct information

Whether your website is about you, or a tribute site to a fandom you admire, or a professional site. Make. Sure. Your. Facts. Are. Correct. There is nothing worse than reading a website, article, information page and having everything on it be lies, or wrongly sourced, or half correct and the other half maybe, maybe not. Be a credible site that people can trust, check your facts. The key to a good website is all about it doing what it’s supposed to do, let you leave with more information than what you came with.

3.Knowing your audience.

You need to tailor your site design to your audience. While this is similar to point 1 it’s not only about the look that you need to make sure will appeal to your audience it’s also the content you choose to have on your site. If you’re looking for a bunch of yoga enthusiasts you aren’t going to have your site full of pictures of monster trucks, alcohol, and guns. You’re more likely to have calming photos, of perhaps the ocean and beaches, links to new and cool yoga poses, and a personal story about what yoga means to you.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 6.54.50 PM.png

When I take a look at the Lululemon site they have photos that relate to their demographic. Lululemon’s image and their products are aimed for sport like activities, and being active. The first thing you see on their site is this picture of people working out and being fit and active. They want to sell the certain image of “you wear our clothes you will become fit” and they have the content to back it up. They know who their buyers are and they makes sure their content matches, they are an excellent example of knowing their audience.

Everything works in a balance. You need to have a catchy cool front page, but remember it’s about the information too, and you need to make sure that while staying true to you and your interests your site is still applicable to what you meant for it to be in the first place. Websites are tricky for sure, and from my own recent personal experience very frustrating and time consuming. But it could be a bit of an easier experience if you keep these points in mind when building your very own website that will represent you the way you want it too.

So happy creating!!

-Rebecca Kerrison



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