All About the Positive Face

How does social media change human behaviour? There could be so many different answers to that question. I am going to stick with this one–it changes behaviour from negative to positive because social media is more about image than interaction. Social media users do not want to tweet or post about failures that happens because the responses would be full of pity. Who wants that? Users would much rather add positive activity to their social media image because then their story looks much better and more people will be interested in following them. Is this really a good thing though? I would have to say NO!! This is a very bad change in behaviour because…

1) The USER  changes his/her “face” from negative to positive all the time which can force the user to LOSE his or her real identity…(one white lie can turn into a pack of white lies until there is no more truth left)


2) the READER will begin thinking that he/she is not good enough because the user is so positive in his/her posts . When the reader goes through a horrible event and he/she is reading posts that are  so positive and is “full of sunshine and rainbows”, the reader will feel sorry for him/herself because he/she does not feel like his/her life is fulfilled because it is missing the positivity that the writer of the post has.

Image result for not good enough memes

What I am trying to get at  is that social media makes us filter our life so only our positive side shows which hurts both the writer and the reader because the writer will feel like he/she has to hide half of who he/she is and the reader will feel unfulfilled compared to the writer. Does that make sense?

Looking through sources here and there, I tended to find a lot of opinions going the other direction. Interesting to note that a lot of research as shown that prosocial behaviour online creates a more prosocial behaviour offline. This opinion makes sense too because positivity can rub off on others so I have no argument against it. I just believe that one day filtered posts that create a prosocial behaviour online may one day come and haunt the writer. But that’s just me.

(P.S. this is my first published writing online and I am not entirely sure if my points make sense so please bear with me until I get this thing nailed. THANKS!!)



Rachel Jacobs




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