Twitter Wars (Feat. Some of the Smaller Cities Surrounding Edmonton)

I decided to look at three Twitter accounts of surrounding cities of Edmonton (St. Albert, Leduc, and Spruce Grove). I commented on what they did well, as well as what they did…not so well. And at the end of this post, I eventually picked a winner of the best Twitter page of the three, in my opinion of course.

First Look at 3 Twitter Accounts 

St. Albert 


When I first looked at the St. Albert Twitter page (@cityofStAlbert) I was filled with mixed emotions. Although I found their cover and profile photos beautiful, as I scrolled down the page all that I saw, in terms of their actual tweets, were plain, boring, black and white text posts. Although they did not use enough images in their tweets, they made up for it in terms of consistency. They posted at least once a day on their Twitter page and the information posted was definitely beneficial to the public.

Even though their Twitter page had the most followers of the three accounts I looked at, engagement from their followers was definitely lacking. Making their tweets visually appealing by adding pictures, videos, and other content, could help them combat this disengagement.



I never thought I’d say this, but the city of Leduc has a great Twitter (@CityofLeduc). First of all, their Twitter page is extremely visually appealing. They include some type of visual aid (photographs, infographics, etc) in almost all of the tweets that they post. Although they are frequent in posting at least one tweet every day, I think that it would be beneficial for them to post more often to keep their followers informed.

I think that the city of Leduc could improve their Twitter by adding variety to their posts. I saw several instances where they would post the same tweet more than once in their feed. Repeated tweets can definitely deter followers from following a Twitter feed.


Spruce Grove 


The Spruce Grove Twitter page (@citysprucegrove) was definitely the most disappointing first impression of the three. Their cover photo was a picture a bland gray building and didn’t represent the beautiful landscapes of Spruce grove that I know do exist. They did, however, use a nice mix of text posts, with and without, visual aids. Spruce Grove was also very consistent in their posts and posted information that the public would find valuable. I think that their twitter page would improve greatly if they added additional hashtags to their tweets.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-47-16-pmWhat bugged me the most about the city of Spruce Grove Twitter page was their excessive use of shortened or abbreviated words. I realize that sometimes you may need to shorten some words in your tweets to meet the 140 character limit; however, I think they could have re-worded some of their tweets and gotten their message across just as well, without the use of shortened or abbreviated words.

Final Thoughts 

All three of the Twitter accounts that I looked at today had their own weaknesses, and each could improve upon their Twitter use in terms of creativity and content. However, comparing all three, the Twitter page with the most follower engagement was the Spruce Grove Twitter page. Their posts had diversity and connected with the public on a personal level. Although my first impression of their page was disappointing, I think that they definitely won this “Twitter war” in terms of content and engagement.

– Paige Simpson



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