Twitter is for humans and social media entertainment should have personality

For my first blog post I wanted to talk about the difference certain policies that enable some entertainment brands to appear more personable when it comes to how they deal with social media. In other words, if a professional sports team allows the person who runs their Twitter account to joke and post “silly” tweets the result is that it puts a personality onto a seemingly faceless sports organization that benefits both the fans and owners of those teams with a more engaged audience.

While nearly every major professional sports teams have a social media presence most accounts seem to have an employee who either are not personable or what I believe to be more likely, are unable to conduct their social media accounts in a personable way where some might feel is an unprofessional manner. I’d argue that having a fully professional social media brand might fit for some companies and organizations but I’d also argue that for entertainment brands, a degree of personality helps grow and maintain a community of fans with social media.


In the examples below the contrast of Team Canada and Tampa Bay Lightning’s Twitter accounts compared to other sports teams and organizations is that they allow a human to be a voice for their teams. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an automated bot and the current operator of some other teams’ Twitter accounts. Now that I think about it, bots could very well be operating those Twitter accounts…whether that’s the case or not it the difference would be minimal and I suspect that the vast majority of persona-less social media accounts is due to corporate mandated policy to appear professional at all times when dealing with the general public. While that approach is great if the main reason you follow a Twitter account is for the instantaneous access of information something feels like it is missing when confronted by excessively “clean” accounts and overall this leads to the social media platform feeling neutered for those who also seek entertainment; this is especially true when examining a sports team. Getting information is a necessary part of following entertainment social media accounts and while that is likely not going to change what makes social media most engaging is the social aspect of it. Interaction and personality can go a long way if you want to cultivate fans.

-Melbourne D.

For an explanation of the context of these tweets look into these links:


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