Sushami and Melbourne (aka TeamSPMD) Twitter Scavenger Hunt Response


“I’ve enjoyed this Twitter assignment and would recommend it continues, as it opens you up to social media in a new way. The assignment itself wasn’t too challenging in terms of understanding. Melbourne and I had a few issues finding certain things; research and advanced learning really put us on our heals. Nonetheless, we managed to pull it off and found some very informative and interesting tidbits about our school. I guess the real difficulty one encounters with a project like this is acquiring a photo and a quote from a random student. In the end you just have to be confident and people will want to be a part of what you’re doing. Twitter is a useful tool, to an extent of course. My personal feelings towards Twitter remain similar to before; it will die sooner than later. However, in the meantime it doesn’t hurt to try and use the social media to your advantage. But Twitter is a picky place, you need to be modern and informative, all while being cool and interesting. MacEwan should take note that in order to reach a larger audience and even more of their students, they need to first understand the people that attend the school. I think that’s the real key to social media, understanding your audience. MacEwan has done this, to an extent, it still feels more so of an institution rather than a community like many of us hope. I do enjoy the Griffins Twitter, they’re fun and informative and they showcase our school athletes in a positive way, which entices us to be proud of our school sports teams. The same goes for the City of Edmonton’s Twitter account, it’s incredibly informative and gives the people a heads up to things happening around the city. But my issue is that it isn’t personal. When you think about who uses Twitter, you think of people under 30. We need to be able to relate to our city, and having impersonal tweets prevents the city from creating a friendship with its social media citizens. Overall, if I had the opportunity to take control of these Twitter handles, I would personalize them. I would give the city a character that rings true to its citizens, but I would stay unbiased. Professional, informative, friendly, and personable. Those are the traits I look for in a Twitter account.”


“The most difficult aspect for me about the Twitter scavenger hunt was thinking of original ideas to implement for the post requirements. A few times our group would think of an idea and see that idea on another group’s Twitter feed later. Having to fulfill the same topics in the same location probably contributed to the difficulty of originality but the challenge was not unwelcome. I personally found that it took an amount of creativity to get tweets that were not exactly like others and since I was not an avid Twitter user previous to participating in this class I was not proficient in the skills required to be a good tweeter but thanks to this assignment I now have a better understanding and might be now classified as adequate.

As for how I would help an organization through my communication skills I would stress the importance of hashtags and retweeting. Since I am not an experienced user this might sound basic but if an organization was prioritizing growth by using the Twitter platform, a good way to do that is prioritizing showing content to new audiences. A good way to do that is to participate in what the community at large is participating in which leads to more retweets and replies which then leads to more growth. Some organizations stay within their specific circle of influence and thus restrict their potential audience for their content. What I’ve noticed what the MacEwan Twitter does well is incorporate their students onto their feed. They also do a good job at using hashtags and participating in the platforms social capabilities.”


Link to the Storify:

-Sushami P. and Melbourne D.




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