Social Media a Saving Grace?

The civil war occurring in Syria is an example to how major world events have impacted the media. With online videos and social media documenting a lot of the horrific scenery, and attacks that have hit the war torn country, it has impacted many people’s perceptions of the refugee crisis.


Whilst the traditional media have tried to cover the attacks and unruliness on Syria the traditional and news journalists of national newspaper companies have had little to no access into the area of conflict. The lack of traditional reporters and news outlets reporting on the incidents in Syria have led to a heavy reliance on social media; this reliance has stimulated social media enthusiasts to reveal and depict the truth behind the war that many of society have been oblivious too.


The United States Peace department claimed that “the international community has watched the Syrian conflict unfold via the lens of social media. Our dependence on this lens, combined with the conspicuous absence of traditional news media, only reinforces the need for new techniques and tools to help us verify information coming out of conflict zones.” This highlights how new media has impacted major world events like the Syrian war, and that it has drawn on people’s sympathy, and support for the refugees that have lost their homes, and families.


The more the Syrian war is covered on social media the more people begin to enforce and support an end to the attack or the refugee crisis. Many traditional journalists also looked to embed YouTube, and Instagram videos into their stories to engage their audience into the severity of what was occurring across the Globe. I think social media is often under rated and viewed upon in a negative light by many of society, however increasingly journalists are recognizing that it is one of the best ways to communicate important news fast and quickly, whilst engaging a large demographic.


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