Riona and Shaleigh (#TeamRS) Scavenger Hunt

Riona’s Response:

I found that the most challenging elements of this assignment were deciding what the subject of our tweets was going to be about, approaching students for our tweets, and appropriately using the right captions for each of our tweets. I found these elements challenging because when it came to choosing the subject of our tweets, it can be difficult to decide where to begin. My partner and I also wanted to stick with the creative request of our instructor, which to us meant not picking something that another team had already tweeted about. In regards to my second challenge, I have been approached numerous times by students on campus for assignments and haven’t mind, but for me, there was an element of “I don’t want to disturb this person because they look busy.” Once we had asked our first participant if they minded answering a few questions and they obliged, it became much easier. For my third challenge, having a 140-character limit did seem daunting at first, but you learn to come up with witty statements to go along with each post.

I believe the approach we did with this assignment in terms of going around and asking the general population their thoughts, or showcasing a location as part of a communications team for example could greatly benefit MacEwan or any other organization for that matter because it gives an all around view of whatever you are trying to promote, and when you interact with the public consistently, that helps build engagement and attract more customers. I have noticed that organizations like MacEwan and the City of Edmonton use Twitter like an open forum. They are both very effective at responding promptly to any questions or concerns that the public may post. The most effective things they are doing is responding quickly to inquiries and promoting events that are going on within their respective communities. One thing MacEwan could improve on, is how much they retweet certain tweets. It appears that they sometimes don’t have enough content of their own to post so they retweet frequently. One thing the City of Edmonton could improve is how many questions they answer on their account. Maybe they would be better off direct messaging some of their answers. The city could also do a better job of posting photos from events that are occurring around the city so they appear more engaged with what is going on around the city, and if a visitor were to check out their twitter page, they would get a good feel of what Edmonton is about.

Shaleigh’s Response:

The most challenging aspect of this assignment was working up the courage to talk to random people on campus and prompt interesting responses from them. I’m a pretty shy person, but I know that taking on challenges like this and getting myself out of my comfort zone will only improve my ability to perform tasks like this when I’m working. It was challenging also to phrase questions in a way that would illicit interesting responses from people we talked to; I definitely noticed that some people needed reassurance that their answer wouldn’t be stupid or a little more engagement with the question in order to dive deeper into what their answers might be. As someone who has used Twitter personally since 2011, I didn’t think it would be as challenging to keep my tweets under 140 characters as it was. Deciding what information was useful and playing around with sentence organization to optimize space definitely helps improve writing in the long run. Another challenge I faced while completing this assignment was trying to maintain an authentic voice that didn’t sound scripted or “fake,” while still coming across as professional and clean through tweets. Finding a good voice online that I am proud to have representing me is something that I’m working on with my other social media platforms and I think that brands and organizations should be constantly evaluating and working on.

Twitter is used to connect communities and inspire loyalty to an organization.Twitter is a fantastic way to casually engage with other students, faculty, and administration, so I think that MacEwan and the City of Edmonton could both utilize this outlet as a way to respond to more people who are tweeting about them, and involve students and residents on social media rather than just responding to questions or concerns.

I think that the way this assignment encouraged us to profile fellow students at MacEwan would definitely assist in publicizing the organization if used by their communications team.  I think the City of Edmonton their Mayor, Don Iveson, runs a twitter that has voice and pulls views with hashtags and pictures, something that the City’s twitter account could do more of.

Riona and I enjoyed completing this assignment and are satisfied with our tweets!

Check out our Storify!!


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