Print Media: Wanted Dead or Alive

By: Kyra Droog

Hear ye, hear ye! Read all about it! The death of print media is here! I repeat, the death of print media is here! Read all about it!


Slightly contradictory, isn’t it—the idea of a newspaper boy selling a print copy newspapers about the death of print media? Yet somehow, not only are print newspapers becoming obsolete and replaced by online newspapers and news go apps, many people are saying that books themselves are slowly coming off the market and being replaced with E-Books. As an author, a reader, and a collector, this concept is far more terrifying than I ever imagined.

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I recently completed my collection of the 59 original blue-bound Hardy Boys books. I have to say, it’s far more satisfying to be able to pick them up and flip through them than it would be to open my Kobo and see all of the titles sitting there (though it may solve my bookshelf problem). After all, nothing compares to holding your favorite book in hand and being able to easily flip back a few pages, grin wryly at the page you tore when you were five, and inhale the scent of home it brings with it.


I’ve been writing a book for about 6 years now, and I dream of the day that I get to hold a paper copy of it in my hands. It’s one of those things that every writer dreams about, and it can’t be replaced with an online copy. Besides, authors actually make less money selling e-books than they do print books, according to the Author’s Guild. Call me crazy, but for the amount of work I’ve put into my book, I think making some money from it would be nice.

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Finally, as a reader, I think that holding a book as opposed to a screen is fundamentally incomparable. The physical sensation of holding a book and being able to turn the page instead of poking the side of a screen makes a difference in how you read—a Norwegian study found that people actually recall more information from a physical book than they do an e-book. There’s also the fact that physical books are forever, whereas who knows when technology could randomly decide to delete everything off your Kindle.

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As much as people think that print is dying (to an extent, I agree), the book industry says otherwise. Last year, e-book sales dropped, and print sales stayed roughly the same. Newspapers, however, are moving almost entirely online because not very many people buy print newspapers anymore. At this point, it’s touch-and-go as to whether we will see everything become digital, but this old soul certainly plans on keeping her hard-copy books around a little longer.




2 thoughts on “Print Media: Wanted Dead or Alive

  1. Hey Kyra! I totally agree with your post that print books are stoically avoiding the same fate that newspapers are currently facing. The book industry has been on some pretty shaky ground recently but it seems as though print books might make it through the age of digital media and continue to thrive. At least, we can hope! Loved the article, and keep those Supernatural gifs coming!


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