Kyra & Jordan’s (#JKTweets) Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza!

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Just to preface this blog post, we weren’t entirely sure what the best way to format this would be, so…

We just went for a Q&A-type format.


Jordan & Kyra

P.S. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Here’s our ‘Storify’ in case you were interested: #JKTweets

What were the most challenging elements of this assignment? Why?

Kyra: The social media scavenger hunt went way better than expected. At first, I was a little skeptical on how we could make the posts interesting and relatable to our fellow peers, but that was not the most challenging part of the assignment; the most challenging part was talking to random strangers. It was difficult because most people do not enjoy having their photo taken or answering questions from a complete stranger, which made it difficult to stay optimistic. Thankfully, I recognized some students in the hallway who were willing to help Jordan and I out.

Jordan: We were pretty efficient in the way that we allocated the assignment. Kyra and I were able to find a good balance in what each of us wanted to do. Initially, the most challenging part was trying to find people to participate in our assignment, but with Kyra being able to pick out some students that she was familiar with amongst the hundreds of others, it became easier as the assignment went on. Another aspect that was slightly tough to do was trying to convey our message in an interesting way. We did not want to be bland, so trying to be different brought upon a whole different challenge.

In what ways could you use Twitter and the techniques we have explored so far, to help publicize an organization like MacEwan, as part of a communications team?

Kyra: Since Twitter can be used to briefly update people on scores and highlights during games, I think that the MacEwan Griffins Twitter account would benefit if someone were to post score updates throughout the Griffin’s games. Another way I would help publicize MacEwan is by making their tweets more relatable instead of factual and “straight laced”. After reading through the MacEwan Twitter feed, I noticed they received more retweets and “favourites” on posts of students and activities that the student body enjoys more than just tweets about locker registration.

Jordan: Like Kyra stated, MacEwan’s Twitter account is very straight forward, it reminds students about some happenings at campus, but does it in a way to is very professional… almost too professional. In order for the student body to become engaged in what MacEwan is tweeting, there needs to be a mix of business tweets as well as casual tweets in order for the university to become more relatable to each reader. This allows for the account to become more relevant amongst the student body and gives them a viable spot in someone’s social media timeline.

What have you noticed about the way that public organizations like MacEwan or the City of Edmonton, use Twitter? What are the most effective techniques? What could you improve?

Kyra: Personally, I believe that people do not look to their school’s Twitter accounts as a form of a reminder; However, I enjoy how the communications coordinator controlling the Twitter account posts photos of students studying, working out or hanging out in MacEwan. MacEwan should also use their Twitter account to inform students on what’s happening in the city, because we also have a life outside of the buildings walls. Essentially, I think social media is best received when it is personable, light and humble, and the social media scavenger hunt allowed me to practice engaging with an audience!

Jordan: Like I said in the previous question, it’s not that the MacEwan University Twitter account is doing a bad job: they’re just not doing enough to relate to the student body. For example, a professional account like the Edmonton Oilers or, in more recent events, the Wendy’s account try their best to keep up with the latest trends. Not only do they post about the latest Oiler charity event or the latest meal deal on the menu, in which they should, but they also engage with their audience. The Oilers use hockey slang all the time in the their tweets, this helps them become more relatable to their audience. They also host polls and contests that allow the fans to be a part of the community. The Wendy’s social media coordinator has recently been directly replying to certain customers complaints and queries, sometimes being borderline unprofessional, but allowing themselves to become relevant in society.

If you’ve made it to the end, thanks again for taking the time to read our post!



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