Christina and Stefan’s Scavenger Hunt


Christina’s Response

The most challenging part of this assignment for me was getting the information. It kind of pushed me out of my comfort zone because I’m not the person who can strike up conversations with random people easily (I may or may not be in the wrong field). I’m a talker once I get going but the initial contact makes me nervous. This assignment gave me the opportunity to work on that and not be nervous or afraid that people are going to be for lack of a better words a**holes.

I like the idea of Twitter and I think it can be a useful tool for universities if used properly because it gives information in short bursts. So, you get what you need to know without all the extra stuff. The way universities market themselves on twitter from what I’ve seen is kind of like “look at me, look at what I’m doing.” “Look how awesome I am.” They try to show potential students and current students what they’re about and what they have to offer.

MacEwan Twitter Lacks Personality

One of the main things I would improve about MacEwan’s twitter is the layout. I think MacEwan twitter layout needs a makeover. The first thing you’ll notice when you go to MacEwan’s Twitter page is their cover photo. It’s okay, but it looks like a generic picture of a campus or a stock-like photo. The university is filled with creative minds and beautiful art (for example the display wall by Starbucks in Building 6). MacEwan should create their own custom graphic, something that is striking and colorful. Something that accurately represents the school.

Lastly the profile picture is bad. The main profile photo on Twitter appears on the left side, so They should place the text high up on the left and lower down on the right. They should also choose an image that just enough negative space.


Stefan’s Response:

Speaking from a purely personal point of view, the most challenging part of the assignment was definitely the act of stopping busy people on the way to wherever was that they were going and nervously asking if they wouldn’t mind being quoted and having their photo taken. My overly anxious brain did not take particularly kindly to that aspect of the scavenger hunt. Maybe I should be reconsidering my line of work, but ehh…. That sounds like a problem for Future Stefan to deal with.

Twitter is an amazing tool, and I mostly like how MacEwan and most financial institutions use it. For the most part, organizations don’t need to make extensive use of Twitter beyond something like announcing events, or showcasing students and their achievements. This is fine. It’s more than valid. With that said, I can’t help feeling that, with regards to MacEwan specifically (although I’m sure there is a figurative tonne of other examples), their use of Twitter can seem almost robotic sometimes. Very rarely will they stray from the formula of merely tweeting about events or students in a pretty monotonous tone. If I was in charge (which, thankfully, I am very much not) I would suggest ading a bit of a sense of humour to our online presence. I’m not sahying that the MacEwan Twitter account needs to turn into a non-stop snark fest, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t mind injecting a bit of playfulness into it, and letting the social media coordinators have a bit of fun.



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