We scavenged, We Hunted, We Prevailed!

Rebecca & Molly’s Response’s to the scavenger hunt and our site so you can check out our journey yourselves!!

#teammocca #BCSCB202


Molly’s Thoughts on Twitter:

Twitter is unlike any other social media that I have used; this caused me to have some difficulty as I didn’t know how to even post a tweet. I have a twitter account but I only use it to follow news networks, so I never learned how to use many of the features other than pressing the ‘follow’ button. Twitter in my opinion the easiest social media platform to learn how to use, even my grandma would be able to figure it out. After using twitter I can really see the appeal. Every tweet is short yet it delivers all the information you need, without having to read an entire article.

The scavenger hunt was a fun assignment but it didn’t happen effortlessly; there were a few challenges involved. The hardest thing for me was coming up with ideas to complete the task. I guess you could say I had trouble being creative. Luckily, I had a really great partner and we were able to bounce off of each other to get ideas, and we figured out what we were going to do for each post within a few days. When it came to doing the posts I always wanted to procrastinate, but when I found the drive to complete the tasks I had fun. 

It is easy to find out how effective a post is because of the amount of retweets, and likes a post gets. By making numerous posts I noticed a few things that make any post more favourable. Tweets that have pictures of people in them tend to get more attention from users than posts with still objects. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I know that I also prefer tweets that include pictures of people. 

Even though the scavenger hunt is over I’ve decided to keep using twitter. I think I will do more than just follow the news; I will actually share their news I see and maybe share a joke every once in a while. I am excited to try some of the features that I never used during the assignment like, sharing video and going live. This assignment made me feel more open-minded towards twitter; now I can add a new form of social media to fuel my addiction.


Becca’s Thoughts on Twitter:
To be honest I thought this whole assignment was going to be a struggle, I was not a twitter user, in fact you could’ve called me a twitter hater. I assumed that this project was going to be extremely hard. But in all honesty it wasn’t that bad, twitter is very user friendly and the people I asked to use in the photos, were more than willing to help me out with my tweets. I think the hardest part was trying to be witty and cunning all in 140 characters which sounds like a lot but believe me gets used up very quickly. I was very lucky in the sense that my partner had a quick wit and could be extremely clever in 140 characters! She was absolutely fantastic!

Many of the“twittering” skills I’ve learned on this project can be very useful in helping publicize companies and organizations. One of the skills is posting the main idea in those short 140 characters, with such a small window to communicate through you want to getyour point across right away. In today’s society the average attention span of a person is a lot shorter than it used to be so it’s even more important to keep things short, sweet, and to the point.

Another thing I learned that would be a success with organizations like Macewan is to target your demographic. Our demographic on this project was the students, so we tailored our posts to using language, abbreviations, emoji’s, and subjects that our audience will relate too and more so want to repost and share amongst their friends therefor creating buzz about our post and making us a thing to be aware of and notice.

From an outsider’s perspective the Macewan University twitters seem to be hitting the marks on most of the categories. They re-tweet certain posts that would benefit students, they re-tweet current student’s tweets about the campus, and they keep us informed.The Macewan Griffins account in particular really gets their students involved intheir social media by posting links to articles about their very own athletes and tagging them, and hosting contests for prizes for students. This week specifically (Jan 23- 27) was the bell let’s talk initiative, and they had all of their athletes involved. The account posted about actual current students,and showed them making a difference, and representing their school. The account showcased that the students really are involved in the school and that they were relatable.

So from my (so far!) very limited communications knowledge, in my opinion Macewan U is doing a fine job at keep students engaged. They also are amazing at keeping their posts relevant to their audience.


Thanks for reading!

Rebecca & Molly ❤


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