Rachel and Janelle’s (#TeamRachJan) Scavenger Hunt Success!

To see more of Rachel and Janelle’s Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza follow this link to Storify!


Rachel Jacob’s Reflection

The most challenging element of this assignment for me was walking up to people and asking them to participate in my hunt. I am a shy person and I am still working on being social with others so this assignment was a big eye opener since I started the Communications program.

During this assignment, I noticed that the MacEwan Twitter account not only tweets about itself but it also retweets almost every tweet from others that are talking about it. This is a great technique because MacEwan not only shows its followers how amazing the school is but it also shows what others say about it which gives it an advantage over people who are skeptical. If a bunch of students are tweeting great things about the school, then there is no reason for future students to be skeptical about it. MacEwan and students tweet a lot about upcoming events or important news on Twitter which is great to know but can also be a little boring. I think the school’s Twitter account could improve if people tweeted more about their day at school to show that it’s not all about events. Followers, like myself, don’t just want to hear about upcoming events or cool clubs but also to see how others are enjoying their everyday school experiences.

I really enjoyed this scavenger hunt because once I got the courage to go up to people and ask for their participation, I did not just ask them the question and leave. I was able to talk to them for a few minutes and got to know them and realized how awesome a lot of students at this school are and I didn’t even realize it. Twitter is about letting followers know about the important news and events but it should also be about tweeting silly, fun or even sad student experiences so we can come together even more.

Janelle Escott’s Reflection

Twitter is a great way for businesses and organizations to connect with their clients and/or the public. MacEwan University’s twitter is a helpful resource for students to know what’s going on at the campus and to create the sense of connectedness between its students. As someone who doesn’t regularly use Twitter, seeing how much our university and its services (like SAMU) tweet about what not to miss and where find great perks (like free food at the Breakfast Club!) makes me want to be more involved with MacEwan’s online community. I’d love to see the students themselves using the school hashtag,#macewanu, to build on the sense of community that the university has generated.

This assignment in particular has been a great introduction into Twitter, as even the smallest community, our BSCS 202 class, has created our own little treasure of online information. Although the assignment calls for only one retweet and one reply, every day I see more and more conversations coming up on my newsfeed. Its great to see social media doing what it does best: bringing people together and sparking the conversation.

I look forward to using more of social media in a business context this summer, which is very new to me. My internship with a local non-profit will allow me to try out social media strategies in a real-life setting, and it will be a challenge for me to become the person creating fun and captivating content, rather than the consumer of it. This assignment has given some great introductory insight on creating posts that will gather likes, retweets, and reposts and engage a specific audience. MacEwan’s social media is a good example of how a community can be built on an online platform, which is what many non-profits aim for when connecting to a specific community via social media.

Go Team RachJan!


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