Paige & Ryan (#TeamPR): Scavenger Hunt

Paige’s Response 

The most challenging part of this assignment was the time it took trying to come up with creative ways to write our tweets. My Partner Ryan and I found ourselves sometimes spending up to 5 minutes writing a tweet to make sure that we were posting our best work. Even though this project was time-consuming, the time spent writing those tweets was well worth it as we received a retweet from MacEwan Wellness, and several likes from MacEwan University, MacEwan Wellness, MacEwan Eats, and even the Edmonton Journal. It was enjoyable to see that people were listening to what we had to say about the University.

I’m currently interning as a social media director for a local festival in Edmonton and I have personally used many of the techniques learned in class to promote the festival. Interviewing individuals and documenting their responses on a platform such as twitter is a great way for an organization to publicize themselves and create a relationship with their followers. The use of hashtags is also extremely important to get your posts out into the world.

I think that MacEwan has used Twitter successfully. The person running the MacEwan Twitter page is very active and is always retweeting and liking posts related to the University. I have noticed, however, that many organizations do not use Twitter as effectively as they should. In terms of improving the Twitter use of many organizations, I think that one suggestion I could give to an organization is to interact with their followers. Creating and posting tweets is fine; however, it is important for that organization to respond, retweet, and like the tweets of their followers as well. It is this kind of community feeling that will attract individuals to that specific organization.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this scavenger hunt assignment. Ryan was a great partner who kept things fun and entertaining! I have a new appreciation for Twitter to boot!

Ryan’s Response

The most difficult part of this assignment was a couple of tweets that we needed to make, specifically the academic excellence and the school spirit tweets. Academic excellence was difficult because it could be challenging to find something that other groups were not tweeting about. With school spirit, it was more about finding someone who fit the image we wanted (Macewan apparel, happy looking) who were also willing to speak with us. I felt that with both of our tweets we were able to pull out some creativity and put a different spin on them.

We have spoken of the Macewan social media team and our opinions of their work during class. Not only has the assignment aided in my understanding of how twitter works, but the discussions in class have aided in learning techniques. One such technique would be tagging other twitter accounts in a tweet, especially when the account to be tagged has many followers. For example, in one of our tweets we tagged the Edmonton Journal and in turn they liked our tweet. Another technique would be to be savvy when using hashtags, and taking popular hashtags into account when creating your own tweet in order to improve your tweets visibility across the platform to other users.

I have noticed that large twitter accounts, such as Macewan’s and the Edmonton Journal’s, are very aware of popular hashtags and mentions in order to interact with their audience, whether that be a simple like or conversation they want to hear. I believe their ability to keep constant watch on social media of not only their own accounts, but what is trending across the platform is what can set them apart from unpopular twitter accounts. I can definitely improve more on using trending hashtags in order to create a more popular tweet.

All in all this project was a ton of fun, and Paige was a great partner! Being a part of #TeamPR was great for this project as we could bounce ideas off of each other! I can now navigate twitter much better and I have this assignment to thank!

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