Monaco and Zoe: Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Reflection: Zoe Cronin

This assignment at first frightened me; I had tried to avoid using Twitter throughout my University journey, however I knew I would be converted to the dark side eventually; being a budding Journalist, Twitter is a huge part of sourcing news, and engaging different clientele and followers for articles I am assigned to write.

I found the “Academic excellence” post the most challenging aspect of the Twitter assignment. It was difficult in finding someone who was involved or apart of cutting edge technology at MacEwan; a reason to why this task was hard for my partner and I was because of our lack of knowledge and resources that were required in this aspect of the assignment. Twitter is beneficial in engaging Universities like MacEwan and other businesses to promote their identity and brand on a social media platform. The marketing that Twitter provides for companies, and Universities alike is that its cost effective, efficient and its open forum design allows followers to have input into products, findings etc., the site may share. Increasingly students look to access Twitter as it becomes a heavily promoted app in respect to social networking, and news; studies show that over 75% of students are now on the social media app. Twitter is a great way to engage students and share information in an interesting, accessible, and continually updated environment. Twitter encourages users to think critically and be more concise with their thoughts and ideas, because each user only has 140 characters per post. This part again I found difficult, but also beneficial in learning how to analyze a lot of information into the most simplistic format.

I think many people’s reasoning to avoiding Twitter, is that it serves as another app that leaves consumers glued to their phone; this thought I believe is fair, and is a pressing issue within our society today. However, promoting Twitter’s benefits and power in schools, businesses etc. may change the tune of people’s thoughts about the app. If I had not been made to participate in this assignment, I would not have created a Twitter account nor have become a converted fan. A lot of importance in Twitter lies within great marketing strategies, and the power to network, and engage with many followers across the country and world. To anyone on the fence, try before you disregard a powerful tool that can look to benefit you not only now, but later in life also.



Reflection: Monaco Moore

I first discovered Twitter back in 2009 and for years my tweets consisted of angsty song lyrics, cheesy retweets and mentions to my favourite celebs in hopes of getting noticed. Since entering the communications world, I have seen Twitter in a whole new light and this assignment has allowed me to further discover why Twitter is such a useful networking tool.

The hardest part of this assignment for me was finding ways to be creative and informative within the 140 character limit. I felt like the tweets I wanted to make were always too wordy. I really had to force myself to be concise, and be okay with trimming out any unneeded information, even if I thought it made the tweet better. Twitter is really about keeping it short and sweet, and to the point.

If I had to go about publicizing an organization, such as MacEwan, I would ensure that my tweets were as effective as possible by using some of the techniques we’ve explored through this assignment. Tweets that include pictures are effective because they catch the reader’s attention. Words are great and all (obviously) but a picture is worth a thousand words, which is perfect when you only have 140 characters to work with. Pictures of people at the school or pictures of the school make the tweets more interesting and personable, and in turn more engaging. Hashtags are also important because they make information easy to find.

An effective technique that the MacEwan Twitter account currently employs is that in engages with its followers by liking and retweeting other MacEwan related tweets. Followers are more likely to engage with an account that puts out relevant and interesting information, and what better way to find relevant information than by interacting with your audience? One of the aspects of this assignment that I really enjoyed was having to interact with my peers and find out what it was that they loved about MacEwan. The only thing that might improve MacEwan’s online presence would be to connect their online accounts in order to create a large networking circle. Some people may not use Twitter, so linking their account to say, a Facebook page, or their Instagram account might be useful.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment, and learning about how Twitter can easily be used as an effective marketing tool. Connecting with people all over the world has never been easier, you just have to know the right way to go about doing it!




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