Privacy? Oh you mean that thing that people don’t care about anymore.


Media, is a word that has single handedly destroyed our privacy and has totally made the acronym TMI redundant.

I mean let’s be honest some of the things shared to Facebook by a person or about someone by another person just shouldn’t be shared. SnapChat the revealer of all things that a person would do in public without expecting to be seen. In today’s society a person’s privacy is non-existent if they have a social media, or are even around someone who has it.

Let’s face it chances are you know someone with a snapchat account, and guess what if you make a funny face, or do some weird dance, or pick your nose, it’s more than likely going to end up being sent off to 10 other people for the big laugh, or if you’re ever so ‘lucky’ it will be posted on their snap story where they probably have 80+ friend who view those stories every day. We as a generation do not have privacy anymore, it is clearly shown in our society today the affect that social media has on how people act now-a-days and how as a society we treat people and act in certain situations is amazingly terrifying.


I find that as a society today, we post anything that we think will get a reaction out of people, that will give us our 15 minutes of fame. Because let’s be honest who would really share a picture of themselves drunk on the toilet if they didn’t think it would bring them some attention of some sort. The major disadvantages of this societal shift is that nothing is private, nothing is off limits there is no boundaries nothing is sacred anymore. And in the long run people don’t think about the consequences of what they post and how it will affect their futures.


In the long run the media is an amazing thing but used wrongly can jeopardize your privacy forever, or… well.. at least the tiny shreds of privacy that is left nowadays. So be careful what you post, and be careful what you do in public because someone is watching with their own personal media handy and waiting, to get their 5 minutes of fame.


-Rebecca Kerrison


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