Advertising in Social Media

The state of advertising in terms of news media seems to have changed due to the fast paced culture of society where any individual can get their news fix from their smartphones or tablets.

Postmedia tried to capitalize on the real estate provided by smart devices with the introduction of the multi-platform strategy in 2014.

Most people nowadays are not willing to watch hour-long newscasts filled with a plethora of 30 second advertisements or go out to a newspaper distributor and provide the pocket change required to read a centuries-old medium. Instead they get their news on social media or news websites where bars of corporate banners and skippable video advertisements survive amongst the vast world of the internet.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.
Social media has not only become a hotspot for breaking news, but it also provides investors with alternative means of advertising

Out of the many reasons for a company to turn to social media for advertising, the curation of advertisements within social media is one of the more compelling ideas that allows marketers to reach the audience that truly cares about their product. Based on online clicks and Google searches, various popular social media formats are able to round-up certain advertisements that cater to the reader. This in turn increases the chance of the viewer to ‘click’ on the advertisement due to it surrounding the person’s interests. Not only does this allow for a company to delve into an exponentially popular news medium like social media, but the algorithms in place allow for these corporations to see if their advertisements are truly working amongst their natural fan base.

The majority of people in North America have a tablet or smartphone, with 68% of Americans having smartphones and 45% owning tablets (2015)

With this being said, when a company advertises on social media, they are reaching an audience that they may not be able to reach with print, TV, or radio. Facebook seems to cater to younger aged youth, but at the same time there are many older folks who use Facebook to connect to their friends and family as much as the average young adult does. Advertising on Twitter would allow companies to reach out the people who get their news on social media and not on television or the newspaper, as 83% of users in 2012 were reported as seeing certain news stories develop on the social network. Other networks like Pinterest is seen as a medium that allocates “48.2% of all social media sharing on iPads”. Advertising on Pinterest would reach an almost, untapped amount of people as tablets aren’t as respected in advertising as the smartphone. A company would be ‘smart’ to advertise on social media as it not only makes them pioneers in a sense, but it allows them to reach the audience of the future.

Jordan Garcia.



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