Anti-social Butterflies

Image result for everyone on phone gifOur constant need to display our lives has us  sacrificing our real-life moments for digital representation. Everything must be captured in an Instagram post or a snap chat video, because if you don’t post it did it really happen. If the world isn’t aware that the barista at Starbucks misspelled your name for the 100th time this week did they do it? If you don’t snap every second of your day did it really happen or did you imagine it? Are you even awake?

The greatest advantage of social media is the ability to reach everyone in just a few seconds, in a fast and reliable way. Communication has changed forever. Social media was built to help people connect, but, ironically often leads to disconnection.

We have forgotten about having real conversations. How many times have you gone out with a group of friends and you have all sat looking at your phones, with random short burst of conversation?  There are literally real humans in front of you, yet you’re more consumed with what others are doing on. Most of us have developed a habit of focusing on the memories others are out creating, when the opportunity to make our own is right in front of us. We become more concerned with what others are doing and how our life compares to theirs. So much so that we can end up missing out on experiencing and genuinely enjoying life.

Little unknown fact:  24% of people have missed important moments in real life because they were too busy trying to share them online.



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