Atelophobia: The Fear of Imperfection



I think indefinitely social media has changed human behaviour, for both the good and bad. In light of the negative aspect, it has resulted in many people fearing what the public think/ or perceive them as.

There is actually a fear that exists called Atelophobia, which is the fair of imperfection. This fear I feel is enforced upon social media addicts as they continually compare themselves to the unrealistic representations of men and women that appear on their news feeds of popular media apps, for example,  Facebook, Instagram etc.


Consumers of media today often worry about their appearances and imperfections as they have become more and more scrutinized in society because of social media. The idea of being “Good enough” is not a sufficient result … it is a sign of failure,” and this mentality dictates the way many of us think, act and behave in society. Undergoing the journey to perfection often begins in showing how extravagant and happy one’s life is on social media, however we are quick to learn that this is not the case for many; and the journey to perfection is a near impossible road to success. Human behavior around social media has now become obsessed with presenting one’s best self, and almost a fake reality, opposed to how we actually feel. This misconception within our lives is concerning and increasingly becoming worse as our world evolves around technology, and the presentation of one’s self so to speak.


So the question remains how do we address this issue, and how can we alter our behavior or vision so that society is not fearing imperfection but embracing it? This is something that will not change over time, nor be eradicated; but the more we recognize that what we see on social media isn’t always reality or perfect, the more we can settle for being okay with our imperfections.


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