Social Media: Providing free advertising for sports teams

Athletes and sports teams have been more active on social media within the past few years. Sports teams really only used social media to as a tool to promote games because social media makes it a lot easier to connect with fans. If people would like to be updated on a team’s events they can just follow the team on platforms like twitter. Social media – twitter in particular – is often used as a free advertising platform. A tweet sends out a short message filled with information about the team’s game schedule, and events in 140 characters or less. Advertising for your team on twitter is a lot different from traditional advertising, in the fact that it’s free and it can be shared by followers to their followers so that peon who aren’t even fans can be exposed to the teams news. Some teams use their social media accounts in order to have giveaways instead of announcing it on the radio, which is getting to be a little outdated.

It was interesting to see to see that even our university’s MacEwan Griffins (twitter: @MacEwanGriffins)  have boarded the giveaway train. In order to get more people to retweet their post about their next game days they decided to have a giveaway. If twitter users (followers of the team or otherwise) retweet MacEwan’s post then the users are  entered to win tickets to an Oilers game. They did an amazing job of promoting themselves as they got 21 retweets before the game, which is almost double the amount of retweets that they usually get. It is so clever to use social media in order to gain more fans and develop a larger following.




One thought on “Social Media: Providing free advertising for sports teams

  1. You’re totally right! Social media is the smartest way to get people out to games and garner support for teams. The giveaway is smart too, but at the same time it may only get retweets so that people can win prizes- retweets for the wrong reasons, which may not affect the number of supporters at a game. Nice work!


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