City of Camrose Twitter Grade

I live in Camrose, a small city approximately 90 km south east of Edmonton, which is famous for its large population of seniors and its August long weekend festival: Big Valley Jamboree. Camrose is large enough to even have its own twitter account.

Self described as “The OFFICIAL City of Camrose Twitter feed,” Camrose has been on Twitter since June 2010. Since the Twitter feed is old enough to be in primary school, I have decided to give the feed its first report card.

This evaluation is based on information gathered at 2:00 pm on 12 January 2017.


@CityofCamrose is succinct and tells potential followers what they’re following. Fourteen characters take up a valuable 10% of a tweet if another user were to tweet at them, but sadly @camrose was taken by someone in 2008. Final grade: A


According to the Camrose census, Camrose has a population of 18044 residents. Of those, 23.2% are between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. This is the demographic of average Twitter users, as per If @CityofCamrose were to reach all 23.2% of its residents in that 25 to 44 years old range, they would need a following of 4186 followers. Instead, it has 2251 followers, which is just over half. That’s not a bad number. If all of those followers were Camrosians, they would represent 12% of the population. While there is room for improvement here, overall 12% is impressive, especially for a town with 23% of the population being older than 65 years old. Final grade: B

Quality of Tweets

Tweets from @CityofCamrose are consistently about community events and news. They are mostly text-based with links at the ends. Very few hashtags are utilized and of the 4500 tweets that @CityofCamrose has posted, only 22 original (not retweets) tweets have pictures.

In a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, the University of Southampton (U.K.) and the Georgia Institute of Technology from 2010-2011, tweets were rated by users and organized by researchers into broad categories: questions to followers, random thought, me now, conversation or presence maintenance, information sharing, opinion/complaint, and self-promotion. Tweets in the questions to followers, information sharing, and self-promotion  were rated the highest, especially if they were funny or informative.


While @CityofCamrose does well with information sharing, it needs to work on engaging followers. Asking questions and responding to other Twitter accounts would boost its follower count and, I’m sure, current follower satisfaction. Final grade: C

Total Average: B



3 thoughts on “City of Camrose Twitter Grade

  1. I love the grading system you came up with! I live in Spruce Grove and decided to evaluate the City of Spruce Grove’s twitter after I read your post. I found that follower engagement for the City of Spruce Grove’s twitter is lacking as well. I wonder if most small city twitter feeds are like this?


    1. I think you might be right. A friend who graduated this program was once in charge of the Camrose Twitter feed and she told me that she felt very, very controlled by the communications department of Camrose because they didn’t see any value in social media. I’ll be interested in seeing your evaluation of Spruce Grove’s Twitter account and what similarities or differences there may be.


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