Embracing Twitter

For many people, “Twitter” is a bad word…a negative word…even a painful word. In recent months, the image, the connotation of Twitter has transformed. It’s become a harbinger of hate, if you will – a social media mouthpiece that specializes in spewing insults, racism, even death threats against people for nothing more, in many cases, than their politics, their race, or their gender. This transformation, some say largely due to Donald Trump and his ilk, has prompted some Twitter users to sign off – for good. They say they have better things to do than spend their online time viewing these venomous Tweets. If you are one of those people, I’m here to say: give Twitter another chance. Or, if you’ve never used Twitter, I’m here to say: give Twitter a try. Why? Because, to me, Twitter still has many positives to offer. Twitter can be your window on the world and that window can be designed to your liking. If you are a journalist, like me, Twitter is a wealth of great information and strong story telling. If you’re a communicator, Twitter can provide useful examples of effective communications and public relations techniques that you can emulate. If you’ve used Twitter, you already know this. If you haven’t, I’m encouraging you to engage, be selective in who you follow, and learn more about what’s going on in the world around us.



2 thoughts on “Embracing Twitter

  1. Very interesting comment, Neill. Also, a nice introduction into the whole concept of the course. Even though this BCSC 202 is not a public site, which shields us somewhat from the hash and sometimes hateful outside, we should exhibit respect for the views of our fellow tweeters and bloggers. This site looks wonderful BTW.


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